Tuesday, September 29, 2009

History of Life Maria Ozawa (Miyabi)

For you fans of hot movie must have understood well with lika and outs and details of Maria Ozawa's body. It was no secret that among the lovers of nude beauty and comeliness body Maria Ozawa able to make them crazy.

In a hot video footage, mixed blood girl Canada-Japan's new 21 year old, unable to face the man who became opponent. He even surprised himself with all the positions that can starring in these adult movies.
So how Maria Ozawa began his debut to be a porn star is well-known that diantero Asia? Here are excerpts of the interview:

-Nervous is not the live shoot?
Well, I'm really nervous. I go to bed early the night before and wake up early and is still nervous before I left the house.

-So how's the shooting?
I am not able to face my main opponent. I want everything to be over. Anyway, I was really nervous.

-If part of his sex scenes?
Since this is my first movie, so rich is not no special deh. But definitely, I just know it starred various positions, quite difficult yes. I till do not know anymore what position I do. I know about the "48 sex position", but these positions do not much practiced.

-Lho but not when you know the "48 sex position" is a good sign right?
Hahahaha ... I just bought a calendar with a picture of the position, which of course I see every day throughout the year. But I just read it, not the practice lho.

-So what is in your mind after completing your first movie?
Hmm ... howww? I think there is still much to do. I have to give the best effort when making the next movie.

-Okay .... Now on a more personal thing yes. When are you a sexual experience first?
When I was 13 years old, so eighth grade is.

-Well, not too fast ?
Hell yes, it quickly. Everyone says I'm too fast, but I do not feel in a hurry kok. Hehehe ...

Surely older boyfriend huh?
Yeah, my girlfriend of three high school classes.

-Oh .... What was your first experience running okay?
Ihh ... pain, until like crying ...

-So what you do not want to do after that?
After that first, it seemed like I no longer want to do it. But after three times before, I got used to it and was fine after that.

-After that, how many men who have sex with you?
Six people .. Four of them boyfriend and girlfriend rather than the other two.

-Two people are not a girlfriend?
Yes, they are men who want me dating but in fact, impossible to live a relationship with me.

-What is the craziest sexual experience you?
My girlfriend had been treated in hospital for a broken bone, then I see him and we had sex there.

-Well, your boyfriend must be stressed because they can not move the broken limb is not it?
No tuh, he just really excited. Hahahaha ...

Maria Ozawa Miyabi is a new phenomenon in the world of pornographic film industry in Asia after the end of an era Carera Asia in the 90's because of AIDS. The young girl was aged 21 years with an instant get rich while still living in the apartment he rented for 16 million rupiah per month.

With such an expensive lease and then how much salary he gets a month? Do not be surprised if Miyabi with done during this profession today can gain 8000 USD dollars per month (about 75 million rupiah). Living in luxury apartment is more like a mansion complete with all furniture, all well, he preferred to live alone after being driven from their homes and shunned his friends.
Initially Miyabi lives with his parents fine, until one when his parents saw Miyabi appear naked in a Japanese pornographic magazines. Instantly explode was furious after seeing his parents' small Miyabi innocent teenage doing inappropriate things done his age.

Nevertheless Miyabi still running his profession, than just nude photos continued to film. Miyabi back mess while carrying 20 adult movies he was starring into the house and he pointed to his parents. Since then her parents did not want to see and acknowledge it as a child again.

Even close friends who once familiar with it one by one began to leave. They are allergic to the brand made friends with a porn star, really sad. But as a young woman who has big ambitions, this situation does not make him break the charcoal to continue his profession, for the money she still survive and consistent!

Solitary life makes him a good cook. How can not people like him always avoid buying food in public places if you do not want fans or verbally attacked those bitter toward his profession. Besides love cooking, also the most Hooked Miyabi watch pornographic films that she starred himself. All existing video collection on the TV cabinet is a porn movie. As a porn star top she also needs to learn many important positions of the stars of other porn movies.

Despite many offers to move out flows of Japan (the U.S. and Europe) and playing with the northern men, Miyabi still did not want and still choose to live in Japan and chose to play the couple of local men. The reason is quite reasonable, too. According to "furniture" Japanese men are smaller and durable in the exciting scene compared to Caucasians who thinks he has a "furniture" bigger and painful.

Often in doing a scene in a movie, Miyabi was crying and it really looks natural. Why he was not enjoying and really sick. Miyabi also threatened to withdraw from the AV (PH Anime Porn) if he is forced to do a scene or a position that he did not like. Even before her boyfriends (4 people - before it all decided) when he was with her and wanted to watch a movie that he starred, Miyabi always never allow.

But whatever and as much as famous as any money she made from her job at the moment, figure Miyabi is also a normal human being who also missed a parent, friend, friends, and his desire to marry as many women. If at this moment she had sex for the business one day he missed a man who wanted to marry her.